RackNerd的vps挂掉一个 数据都没有了 给了新的vps还无法管理操作

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GS 自成一派 2023-05-13 13:39:00


You are receiving this email because you have a VPS with us located on the LAXSSD5004nerd3DC02 node. Yesterday, at approximately 10:40 PM PST our technicians noticed this node was experiencing symptoms. Upon troubleshooting further we learned that despite us taking multiple redundancy measures, including having 8x SSD’s in a RAID-10 on the host node, this node suffered a RAID array corruption issue. Since then, we have been tirelessly working to attempt to recover the RAID array and to bring this node back to functional order.

We simply wanted to provide you with an update and let you know we’re working on this. Our senior systems administrators are still working to attempt to salvage the RAID array. We will need some more time to continue to work on this issue.

We will be providing affected customers on this node with compensation. We will determine this, and email you again in the coming days with the details of the amount of compensation / added service time we will be providing.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and can assure you of the rarity of this incident. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of physical VPS nodes we have in production today and for the years we’ve had so many servers in production throughout multiple datacenters, this is extremely, extremely rare. We appreciate your understanding in this matter, and we will e-mail you again soon with additional updates as we progress further.


RackNerd Technical Support Department








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    2023-05-13 13:39:55

    We are writing to you with regards to your VPS racknerd-798702 . In a recent previous email to you, we sent you a notification by e-mail notifying you with full and transparent updates regarding the status of host node: LAXSSD5004nerd3DC02. We were able to recover and reinstate a majority of the VM's hosted on this host node successfully. However, despite significant attempts and a large amount of hours spent, our efforts to attempt to fully/completely salvage the RAID array on this host node were not successful, and we have determined that the best course of action to bring customers back online at this time is to re-provision affected services (this affected list did unfortunately include your particular VM)

    We have added a free month of service to your affected service at this time. You do not need to create a support ticket to request compensation, we have already extended the due date on your service.

    In this email you will find the NEW VPS login details. This email will contain your KVM VPS root info, as well as SolusVM credentials (NerdVM control panel).

    我们写信给你关于你的VPS Racknerd-798702。在最近以前给您的电子邮件中,我们通过电子邮件向您发送了通知,通知您有关主机节点状态的完整和透明的更新:LAXSSD5004nerd3DC02. 我们能够成功地恢复和恢复托管在此主机节点上的大多数VM。然而,尽管进行了大量尝试并花费了大量时间,我们试图完全/彻底挽救此主机节点上的RAID阵列的努力没有成功,我们已经确定,此时让客户恢复联机的最佳做法是重新提供受影响的服务(不幸的是,此受影响列表确实包含您的特定VM).  


    在这封电子邮件中,你会发现新的VPS登录详情。此电子邮件将包含您的KVM VPS根信息,以及SolusVM凭据(NerdVM控制面板)。


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